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Training Program

Training programs provide proficiency
The overall objective of the training program is to provide high technical proficiency, coupled with a sense of importance and purpose for the contracting responsibilities performed by each and every employee.

A large portion of Quinterra’s training program is carried out on-site for all new employees, regardless of experience levels. This is done on contract commencement and on an ongoing basis thereafter.

Through the use of ‘one-on-one’ apprenticing, demonstrations seminars, manuals and videos, key issues are covered, namely:

  • Orientation to job site
  • Requirements and conditions unique to the facility
  • Adherence to specifications and scheduling
  • Work methods, procedures and productivity
  • Equipment handling and care
  • Appropriate material use
  • Health and safety precautions and practices
  • Implementation of WHMIS standards and procedures

The following are highlighted:

  • Quinterra: company structure, organization and standards
  • Personnel policy and procedures
  • Innovative cleaning techniques and methods
  • Organization and background of the Client
  • Specific site requirements and regulations
  • Security

From the start and on an on-going basis, supervisory personnel regularly:

Hourly staff receive group and individual training to assure that they know their importance to the organization, what is expected of them, and to have the knowledge and ability to perform their assignments.
Provide on-going training for staff at all levels, including management.

It is our intention to provide a minimum ratio of 1:4 (supervisor to employees) during the start-up period to ensure an effective initial evaluation and training of all staff and an implementation “by example” of our practices and standards.