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Assessing Client Satisfaction

Quality Assurance = Satisfaction
From coast to coast, Quinterra is working hard to create great first impressions.

Quinterra utilizes a tool guide which measures tangibles (equipment, materials), reliability (the ability to accurately perform the service), responsiveness (willingness to assist clients), along with project management, data analysis and most importantly our ability to use our findings. We feel that Client satisfaction should reflect the gap between the expected service and the experience of the service and overtime, the quality of our service must keep improving to maintain or increase a level of satisfaction.

Measuring client satisfaction has become an integral part of Quinterra’s management strategy across the country. The quality assurance process requires that the satisfaction of clients be measured on a regular basis.

We recognize that as we implement our quality assurance process we also become involved in regular measurements of our ability to serve others. Our attention to detailed tracking of these measurements assures consistent results that meet or exceed our client’s expectations.