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Quality Control

“Raising Standards through Service” is more than a slogan; rather, it is our goal to to make it a service reality.
To ensure that our established schedules and procedures are achieved on a continuing basis, Quinterra utilizes a ‘Quality Control’ program. This program is used to measure, report and record on the levels of cleanliness in a facility.

To separate the emotional connection of clean and replace it with fact, the evidence is gathered by conducting a number of inspections or samples of the area types in the facility.

The many reports that are generated by this program can be used in many ways as listed below:

The following are highlighted:

Measure the levels of cleanliness of specific Area Type, Surface, Employee, Room Number, Floor, Building, etc. These reports provide detailed information on the specific areas of concern so that we can focus our efforts to correct them.

In addition to the above program our Vice President, Operations will conduct a personal inspection with a client representative to fine tune client expectations to job specifications and adjustments as required.

Irregular and un-announced surprise inspections are undertaken by our Quality Control Manager as a further check and control to job performance.

All inspection results are discussed at our bi-weekly operations meetings attended by the Area Manager, Vice President, Operations and Chief Executive Officer to ensure effective implementation of quality priorities and controls

An Account Communications Log Book is also placed on site. Should any extra attention be required or should the Customer have a particular concern, this log book acts as a direct communication with the cleaning staff. The date, location and item is simply entered into the book for the cleaners to respond to.

It is through this ongoing vigilance to standards that Quinterra aims to make its “Raising Standards Through Service” approach something more than a slogan; rather, a service reality.