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Furniture Moves

Moves are hard work – we have the crew to do it.
Need to Shuffle a Floor Plan?

Quinterra maintenance crews know how to move your furniture. They’re already familiar with every other phase of maintaining your property and recognize the need to move without leaving floor marks, scrapes or dented walls. Who better to shuffle that floor plan than the people who already take care of every other detail on a daily basis.

Moving in a new Tenant?

Quinterra can help welcome your new tenant to their new premises by moving them in as well as providing the daily cleaning and maintenance services. We’re already familiar with your property’s existing needs and can give your new tenant valuable advice on how things should be placed to maximize their new space.

We can help. Our staff includes a number of qualified movers with strong backs to get the job done. Moving from office to office or cubicle to cubicle – give us a call.