Welcome to Quinterra!

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Quality Service Through Professional Management
Quinterra Property Maintenance Inc. was formed in 1988. We have focused on building our business through judicious growth with selected choice clients. This has allowed us to pursue our conviction for quality service through professional management.
Quinterra is in the business of supplying maintenance expertise and professional contract management ability, be it scheduling, supervision, personnel or product/equipment knowledge.We service commercial businesses and offices across Canada recognizing that “Raising Standards through Service” is more than a slogan; rather, it is our goal to to make it a service reality.

Quinterra Central Reporting System

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Here you’re able to log in and check how we’re doing with full status reports on a regional, city or location by location basis.


Raising Standards Through Service

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Great first impressions that last are what we work hard to create every day at every location we service across Canada.


First Impressions

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From coast to coast, Quinterra is working hard to create great first impressions. It is our goal to to make it a service reality.